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Lifestyle and Health

The trigger for the emergence of other diseases is called Diabetes
20 December 2017

Diabetes can be a source of other diseases and causes complications. In addition to physical fitness, eating patterns also need to be maintained if you are experiencing diabetes. Dia...

Diarrhea, the Main Enemy in the Rainy Season
19 December 2017

At present Indonesia is in the peak of the rainy season. Some flood subscription areas have now entered the alert stage. The most concern for the rainy season is ...

Drinking Lots of White Water Radiates In Humans
18 December 2017

Lately, my breath feels heavier? If the answer is yes then the possibility of a respiratory function has decreased. No need to worry too much. Decreased respiratory function can be o...

The Lurking Disease during Year End Holidays
18 December 2017

Soon the year-end holiday. The vacation period arrives soon, when on vacation people usually spend time on trips that can make the immune system decline. Use of publi...

7 Reasons Do Not Consider Risk Health Insurance
13 December 2017

In every person, the risk of contracting a deadly disease must exist. As recently deceased Bondan Winarno aka pak maknyus and deadly virus diphtheria for example. Altho...