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Vehicle Insurance (Cars & Motorbikes)

Accidents are certainly things that everyone wants to avoid, but the risk of accidents is unpredictable when and where. The main factor in the occurrence of accidents is due to human negligence, although the risk of accidents can be reduced by increasing safety when driving. However, it can be understood that this factor also does not only come from you but also can come from other people, the consequences of negligence of others can have a negative impact and pose a risk to you. Therefore, it is important that you have Vehicle Insurance.

  1. Vehicle Insurance is types of insurance specifically for vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes etc. that protect you from the risk of loss due to various risks such as accidents, damage, natural disasters, to riots, where your losses will be transferred to insurance companies or guarantor institutions.

  2. Comprehensive Insurance (All Risk) is insurance that guarantees all losses or damages in part (minor damage and severe damage) to loss. Comprehensive insurance is supplemented by an extension of insurance or additional insurance, including:

    • Riot & Huru - Hara

      You will get some compensation for damage to your vehicle caused by riots or riots.

    • Terrorism & Sabotage

      If your vehicle is damaged by terrorism & sabotage, insurance will compensate you. However, it must also be considered events such as what your insurance guarantees.

    • Natural Disasters (Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes & Tsunamis, etc.)

      If a natural disaster occurs that makes your vehicle destroyed / damaged, you will get compensation such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and all kinds of other natural disasters guaranteed insurance includes if your vehicle is hit by fallen trees. However, insurance may not compensate you if there is an intentional factor, for example, you already know the road you are going to pass through is flooded but you still break through it.

    • Third Party TJH Guarantee

      This is a compensation term given to another party. Suppose you hit someone else's car and the person is demanding compensation. The insurance company will compensate in accordance with applicable regulations. But if you find that you are drunk (breaking the law) while driving, insurance has the right not to compensate you.

    • Driver's Personal Accident Guarantee

      Protection provided to drivers such as reimbursement of hospital fees, compensation for permanent disability and death in the event of an accident while driving.

    • Passenger Personal Accident Guarantee

      Protection provided to passengers such as reimbursement of hospital fees, compensation for permanent disability and death in the event of an accident while driving.

  3. Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance is insurance that only guarantees loss due to loss (theft) of the vehicle or if there is damage due to an accident reaching more than 75% of the price of the vehicle. So TLO insurance will not provide a guarantee for minor damage that occurs to the vehicle.

    Also, be aware that both Comprehensive Insurance and Total Loss Only Insurance (TLO) for each claim will be subject to its own risk fee (OR), which itself is the amount of costs that must be incurred by the customer each time when submitting an insurance claim.

  4. Closure Terms (Purchases) of Vehicle Insurance

    In closing vehicle insurance documents / photos are needed, including:

    • Copy KTP/SIM,

    • Copy STNK/STCK, dan

    • Real vehicle photos (front view, rear view, left side, right side and dashboard) presenting the best car insurance and motorbike insurance comparison services that suit your needs at the cheapest prices online, so you don't have to come to the insurance office and not be confused with various other vehicle insurance offers. will help you get the best insurance and premium insurance from a trusted insurance company that suits your needs in a very easy way without you having to meet face to face with an insurance agent. This quick and easy process is not only when closing (purchasing) the policy but also when processing claims that we will help process your claim to completion. In addition to insurance insurance and competitive vehicle premiums, we also offer other additional services such as Derek / Gendong cars FREE as a form of our service to you.

How to Buy Vehicle Insurance