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Property Insurance

As we know that the building that we have, whether it's a house, office, warehouse, etc. is an investment with a high value. For that it is very important to keep it from the risks that can cause damage and destruction. With the many risks that can just approach the building anytime, to what extent and what efforts have you prepared to overcome it all?

Of course the building requires maximum protection that can apply at any time if the risk befalls your building / property. Property insurance (home / property) is one of the most appropriate steps to keep it so that you no longer need to worry if there is damage or destruction.

Property insurance can provide financial protection to the insured building registered in the insurance policy in the event of damage or destruction, which is caused by risks that are also listed in the property insurance policy.

2 Types of Property Insurance in Indonesia

In general, in Indonesia property insurance is divided into two namely home insurance and business insurance.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is one type of standard property insurance that can provide protection for homes owned by personal (personal).
Based on the Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKI) the risks borne by home insurance are:

* Fire
* Lightning
* Explosion
* Fall of Airplanes
* Smoke

Business Insurance

Especially for business insurance has a role that is almost the same as home insurance, but for the type of property that is protected are some of the buildings included in a business, such as:

* Factory
* Shop
* Mall
* Office

And also industrial property such as:

* Factory
* Warehouse
* Mall

Expansion of Property Insurance

* Storm
* Riot
* Protection of valuables
* Protection if an injury occurs to a third party
* Financial protection in the event of damage to the property of the insured * Temporary residence accommodation if the house / building is damaged and cannot be inhabited again

What is the cost of property insurance premiums?

To calculate property insurance premiums, you must first know what TSI is (Total Sum Insured). Particularly in TSI Property insurance is the total value of the property as a whole, including the price of the building and the contents of the building, the value of this property which will be given to the insured from the insurer (guarantor). The following are examples of the calculation of insurance premium property:

For example, you own a house with a value of Rp700 million. Then the property insurance premium calculation is:

Property Value (TSI): IDR 700,000,000 (building prices and building contents prices)
Rate: 0.0294%
So, the premium price you can pay to insure your home is:
Rp. 700,000,000 x 0.0294% = Rp. 205,800

Get a sense of security by having the best property insurance and premium insurance for any type of property. Whether it's a house, office, apartment or place of business can be the subject of property insurance that we present through

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How to Buy Property Insurance

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