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Inequality of General Insurance and Life Insurance

General  |  18 January 2018  |   5687 Views

Inequality of General Insurance and Life Insurance

General  |  18 January 2018 Inequality of General Insurance and Life Insurance

In this digital era, with the advancement of times, some people realize how important insurance is in life. The benefits of insurance as a security provider and protection against the existence of risks that can have a negative impact on finance. Insurance in general there are two types that are often offered, namely general insurance and life insurance. There are hundreds of insurance provider companies in Indonesia. For those of you who are interested in insurance it is very important to know about insurance products offered in more detail. Explanation of life insurance and general insurance below, hopefully can help you before choosing insurance that suits your needs.

1. Life Insurance Gives Client Protection
This type of insurance, if the client dies, the family left behind receives a fee that is in accordance with the cost of the dependence at the beginning of the agreement with the Insurance. Life Insurance that provides this protection is grouped into three, namely:

a) Whole Life, or Lifetime Insurance : Whole life insurance products provide protection until the 99-year-old client is covered. The cash amount continues to grow even though the premium payment period has ended to be the advantage of this insurance.
b) Term Life, or Term Insurance : Term life insurance is the only insurance that has no cash nominal and annual period. Premiums cannot be taken if the period ends up being short of term life insurance products. Another disadvantage of term life insurance compared to the other three types of life insurance is that it doesn't have a savings feature.
c) Endowment, or Dwiguna Insurance : The benefits of endowment insurance is to provide a form of cash payment that is determined according to an agreed agreement within a period of time. Included in endowment insurance are pension insurance and education insurance for your sons and daughters.

2. General insurance
There isn't much actually different in General Insurance and Life Insurance. Only protected objects that distinguish. In general insurance objects that become wider protection and are not limited to death only. In terms of insurance payments to clients, it is imposed in the form of compensation for money and other forms of object replacement.
Unlimited general insurance on life protection makes all objects both movable and immovable objects insured by vehicles, as well as buildings and others. When viewed from the object, this type of insurance can be divided into two:

a) Ocean and Air Insurance : Types of Ocean and Air Insurance can guarantee risk coverage that occurs at sea and in the air.
b) Land Insurance : This type of general insurance covers personal accident insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, residence insurance, construction and building insurance, natural disaster insurance, and so on. As an online insurance portal in Indonesia, it provides a wide selection of the best general insurance and life insurance from various well-known insurance companies with the lowest premiums. get easy information about insurance with