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New Motorbike Insurance Is Missing No Harm
09 February 2018

Vehicles that can be insured are not just cars, your motorbike can also be included in Insurance. Maybe some people in Indonesia think it's detrimental if ...

How to Claim Flood Insurance for Vehicle Insurance Products
05 February 2018

For those of you who own a vehicle insurance that basically gets an expansion of flood insurance, it does not mean that you can deliberately break through the flood without thinking of the dam...

Flood Insurance Car Insurance Must Have In Your Vehicle Insurance Product
05 February 2018

The heavy and high rainfall in the past few days has caused several rivers in Bogor to overflow and floods to occur. On Monday February 5 2018 at an early age ...

Procedure for Accident Insurance Motor Credit Claims
01 February 2018

For those who experience it, your motorbike credit can be replaced with a new motorcycle. How to claim credit insurance is also not difficult when making insurance claims to the leasing party...

Motorcycle Credit Still Gets Insurance When An Accident Occurs
01 February 2018

Motorcycle insurance can be claimed on the Leasing side usually due to two things, the first if the motor is stolen and the second because of an accident. Accident...