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The importance of seat belts and to keep the childseat activity safely
24 April 2018

In driving passengers not only adults, my dearest children sometimes participate in the journey. Like when on vacation for example, sometimes we bring a little because of se ...

How to select an automobile tire that fits your needs
23 April 2018

Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. Because the most important part, it is mandatory for you to give the best to the tires of your vehicle....

Insurance Takes the Fall of a Car from a Hydraulic Car Wash
15 April 2018

More and more car wash services offer hydraulic cleaning. This machine serves as a tool that makes it easier to clean the parts under the car. Hydraulic machine ...

Prepare Car Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance Before Mudik
11 April 2018

Eid al-Fitr 2018 is soon, meaning that Eid Mubarak which is held every year will also arrive soon, then what insurance must be prepared to welcome homecoming? ...

Car Battery Care To Not Speed ??Up Fast
08 April 2018

as an electrical component plays an important role for your car, it becomes an obligation of its function and integrity must be treated properly Checking the car battery ...