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This is the Explanation of HID LED and Halogen Lamps
16 November 2017

The rainy season is coming soon, prepare your vehicle lights before sliding on the road. Basically there are three types of lights for vehicles in Indonesia, namely, HID, LED and Halogen. In accorda...

3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Sunroof
16 November 2017

Sunroof is a feature above the cabin of the car that is used as a regulator of air circulation, as well as regulating lighting. tempered glass or plate is usually the basis of Sunroof. Now ...

One Perfuming Enough For Your Car
14 November 2017

Fragrances that should make it comfortable actually result in strong odors. It could be because the car owner chooses a car freshener just because it follows the trend, even though it doesn'...

Master This Four Things, So Tau Easy Ride Matic Car
14 November 2017

Driving a matic car is easy as long as you practice continuously and master the transmission lever well. The difference when driving a very basic manual car is only on the clutch part ...

Can Powerbank Cause Cars Burned?
10 November 2017

For those of you who like to drive and put your gadget on your mobile, please note, Yes. The owner of the gadget is recommended not to put the powerbank in a place that is exposed to the sun or...