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Things to Look For Before Buying a Car
28 December 2018

Before buying a car, you must know first, what type of car you want, for example; MPV, SUV, Hatchback, or sedan. Choose a car according to your budget and needs, don't let it be DP ...

Simple Ways to Fix Slip Car Tires
03 May 2018

Skid car tires can be repaired by doing a number of ways starting from replacing the cotton clutch, replacing the lubricating oil, adjusting the playing distance free from clutch handle, clutc...

Change the Size of Very Dangerous Motorcycle Tires
02 May 2018

For the sake of the beauty of the bike, making the reason some people make modifications. Changing tire size is a modification that is often chosen by motorcycle users. Safety factors are no...

Caring for Motorcycle Sport Is Not Just a Mode of Transportation
27 April 2018

Many also today have a motorbike to fulfill their lifestyle, not just as a mode of transportation. For automotive lovers, some of them even consider it a hobby. Now many ...

Motorcycle duck slightly, his fans gampang-gampang treatment difficult
27 April 2018

Caring for a motorcycle is easy and difficult. To produce excellent performance, good and right care is needed. Many have more than 7 ...