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10 Things to Look For Before Buying a Car

Gilang  |  Otomotif  |  10 January 2019  |   4927 Views

10 Things to Look For Before Buying a Car

Otomotif  |  10 January 2019 10 Things to Look For Before Buying a Car

Having a private car is a dream of many people. Not a few people are willing to save or even buy credit to get a car. For that, so you are not disappointed there are some tips on buying a car.

In these tips, you need to pay attention to several things carefully so you can consider them before buying a car. Anything?

Here are 10 things to look at before buying a car:

Place of Purchase

The thing you need to look at before buying a car is where to buy first, whether buying a new or used car. Do not be tempted by a large discount, you still need to go to the showroom to check directly the place of purchase.

With a trusted place of purchase, the items purchased can be accounted for so you don't need to be afraid to feel cheated.

Especially to buy a new car, there are already many official stores from big brands, making it easier for you to buy a car. So you can look for price comparisons of each outlet.

Kind of car

Before buying a car, it would be good to be careful about what type of car is in accordance with the needs, for example; MPV, SUV, Hatchback, or sedan. Choose a car as needed, not just a mere wish.

If you want to find a car for family needs that can bring in more numbers, then choose a large SUV or MVP that can accommodate 7 people with 3 seats available.

Car Engine Performance

Finding out the performance of a car engine is something that needs to be looked at before buying a car. This will be useful for how long the car can last.

Usually checking the engine performance of the car is more attention when buying a used car. You can pass a gear or try to turn on a car engine. So that you are not disappointed and know whether the car can last long.

For new cars, you can usually see in the brochure what engines are used in the car.


Interior of the Car

Many people buy cars because they are interested in the equipment provided on the car, such as a charger for a car or radio that can be connected to a smartphone. Don't forget to sit in the car seat, whether it is convenient to drive or not.

Whether buying a new or used car, it is important to check each part of the car to make sure it works properly or not. In addition, so that you know the ins and outs of the car, so when you use it you are not confused.

Select Brand

Currently there are many car brands offered in the market so that it will make it easier, and make it difficult for you to choose because you will be confused with the various brands available.

In choosing a car brand it needs to be considered properly, you can influence how much the price is needed, how is the service, and whether spare parts are easily available or not. These things can be considered in choosing the car brand.

Service and reserve rates

As mentioned earlier, before choosing what car to buy you need to look at the service and parts in the car. This can be wrong if considerations are quite important, because if the vehicle is damaged, it will be easy to service or look for the cdang rates needed.

For example, in European cars that sometimes experience problems in managing services and spare parts. Because the car cannot be serviced anywhere, and the processing time is not short.


Test Drive

Test Drive also needs to be done before you buy a car, this is to feel firsthand whether the car is comfortable to drive and if the vehicle is suitable for everyday use.

With a test drive you will know the performance of the car itself whether good or not, try to use every part of the car, start turning on lights, horns, or even windows.


Nowadays owning a car is not only in accordance with the needs but to look cool or exist. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for a cool car, you need to look at the design that is owned by the car.

For those of you who want to have a masculine car, you can use a tough design, like a jeep. Or those who want elegance can choose designs like BMW sedans.



Insurance is important for now. Not only humans, but skills such as cars also need insurance. Having insurance will be useful to guarantee damage to the car. Not only for total damage, car insurance also provides services for minor damage to the car.

Therefore, before buying a car it would be nice to question whether the car is guaranteed with insurance or not. So that when doing service damage will be easier.


What you can't miss to observe is the issue of payment. Moreover, if you want to pay on credit, it must be clarified regarding installments for how many months and how much interest is charged if you pay late.

Some people are fooled by installments when buying a car, so they feel that paying is not in accordance with what they should or feel cheated. Therefore, it is necessary to check clearly and in detail for credit installments. Do not be fooled by paying a small DP, because the interest could be bigger than expected.

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