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7 Reasons Do Not Consider Risk Health Insurance
13 December 2017

In every person, the risk of contracting a deadly disease must exist. As recently deceased Bondan Winarno aka pak maknyus and deadly virus diphtheria for example. Altho...

Comparison of Home Insurance Premium and Coverage
08 December 2017

Home insurance premiums are determined by the high and low risk of a home. Houses near gas stations or airports, for example, premiums are usually higher than houses ...

Home Insurance That Makes Comfortable
08 December 2017

A dream house, it should not only be comfortable, but also must be safe. Since a home cannot protect itself from various risks, you need help from a third party to provide it ...

Insurance Claims Hampered? Maybe this is one of them ..
30 November 2017

The insurance claim process sometimes does not take place smoothly between the insurance company and the customer. This can make the claim process hampered. Errors can occur from the custome...

Insurance Claim Unlikely Rejected, If ..
28 November 2017

The main purpose of insurance is to guarantee the protection of its customers. For example, when experiencing an accident and needing help, that's when the insurance company performs its fun...