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Tourist Visitor Insurance Must Have Vacation Manager
09 February 2018

For the sake of providing maximum comfort and service, the tourist visitor insurance protection product should be provided by the manager of the vacation spot or tourist attraction. Personal...

Unique Culinary Tour in Lembang Floating Boat
02 February 2018

When planning for a weekend getaway in Bandung, Floating Market is a highly recommended tourist spot. Opened starting at nine in the morning, this tourist spot spoils ...

Holiday Save and Close in Bogor
02 February 2018

Because of near, cheap and easy reasons, Bogor is still a favorite holiday destination for Jakarta residents. Along with the development of tourism in West Java, especially Bogor, many tourism objects...

4 Alternative Tourist Places in Bandung
26 January 2018

Friday has arrived, it's time to plan a vacation to get rid of fatigue with daily activities. Tourist attractions in West Java seem endless. Capital of Jaw...

Before Touring Travel Insurance is Important
28 December 2017

For those of you who are planning for the end of 2017, you must have negotiated with friends, family and community where your vacation destination will be. For those who have a motorcycle co...