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Why must Asuransiku ?
08 October 2018 has the best, fast and reliable online-based service system. Only by filling out the form and choosing the right insurance can you get it ...

Protect Private Business With Property Insurance
12 April 2018

Business Interruption Insurance as a guarantee of property insurance that is quite important. However, many do not know enough about insurance ...

Get the Benefit of Money Back at Your Choice Insurance
06 March 2018

Only in you can get Money Back Insurance benefits from a trusted insurance company. With just a few clicks, you will get attractive offers from ...

General Insurance as a Risk Management Balancer
09 February 2018

Paying insurance premiums only adds to the financial burden, roughly like that thought that still exists in most people in Indonesia. Opinions like that are not true. ...

Quick Claim Service The Main Thing For Insurance Providers
29 January 2018

One of the highlights of competition The insurance industry is the speed at which insurance claims are disbursed. The views of the general public assume per...