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3 Things That Determine the Insured Value of Motor Vehicle Insurance
11 January 2018

The insured value in motor vehicle insurance is based on market value or often referred to as the market value of the insured motor vehicle ...

Accident due to wild racing? Careful Claims Can Be Denied
09 January 2018

The importance of using vehicle insurance is a step to protect your favorite car from an accident that causes damage. This is because the insurance function can be ...

Vehicle Insurance Cannot Be Approved When Overloaded
09 January 2018

Why is now vehicle insurance the choice of many people? This happens because people are increasingly aware of the insurance function in order to minimize the risk of vehicle owners. Things t...

How to Prepare Protection for Families in the event of Harm on the Road
08 January 2018

Accidents can occur anywhere and anytime. In an incident, not only car owners get losses. It can also be other people and send themselves ...

Third Party Liability, Guaranteed Driving For All Who Are Involved In Accidents
08 January 2018

Safety driving on the road is not just for yourself, but for other road users as well. Simple understanding of insurance benefits ...