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Special Services That Can Be Obtained When Buying Car Insurance
19 January 2018

The insurance company strategy to attract the interest of its customers to buy insurance products offered...

Reasons for All Risk Vehicle Insurance for Two Wheels is More Expensive
13 January 2018

Formerly a thief of ordinary two-wheeled vehicles in action with makeshift equipment. Now the more advanced technological era the thieves are also increasingly equipping themselves with equipm...

This Is Why Using Vehicles Affects Your Car Insurance Premiums
12 January 2018

When applying for car or motorcycle insurance the first time you question it is of course the cost of the premium to be paid. Indeed, from a variety of insurance companies in Indonesia, ...

The Condition Of Cars And Motorcycles Affect The Premium That Must Be Paid
12 January 2018

In Indonesia there are many types of car insurance companies. Call it Wahana Tata Insurance, Reliance Insurance, Artarindo Insurance ...

Types of vehicles and important years of manufacture for your car's vehicle insurance
11 January 2018

The type of vehicle and its age are the most important considerations for vehicle owners for the amount of premiums and coverage when taking car insurance products. Surely it will be a ...