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Caring for Motorcycle Sport Is Not Just a Mode of Transportation
27 April 2018

Many also today have a motorbike to fulfill their lifestyle, not just as a mode of transportation. For automotive lovers, some of them even consider it a hobby. Now many ...

Motorcycle duck slightly, his fans gampang-gampang treatment difficult
27 April 2018

Caring for a motorcycle is easy and difficult. To produce excellent performance, good and right care is needed. Many have more than 7 ...

Automatic motorcycle with license number that became more trendy and how to treat it
27 April 2018

Motorbike matic in Indonesia was present in the year 2000, until now motorbike sports cannot beat the motorbike in terms of trends in Indonesia. Almost all motorcycle manufacturers in ...

Do this easy, so that the car sliding door is maintained
27 April 2018

MPV class cars generally use a sliding door type. The sliding door of the MVP type car requires extra care because if there are obstacles it is usually difficult ...

Pertamax on a motorbike, okay?
26 April 2018

As a popular means of transportation, motorbikes are widely used by the public. With the development of online-based motorcycle taxi transportation facilities, motorbikes are not only now ava...