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Comfortable In Traveling With Family During The Holidays

Pariwisata  |  20 December 2017  |   591 Views

Comfortable In Traveling With Family During The Holidays

Pariwisata  |  20 December 2017 Comfortable In Traveling With Family During The Holidays

Holiday season stay counting the days, Christmas and New Year usually coincides with school holidays. During the holidays families are usually busy to travel to visit family in the hometown. Usually the trip takes a long time and jammed often accompany it. Therefore, we must be prepared to face it so sweet memories can be obtained when traveling with family during the holiday season. Here to make the journey by using four-wheeled private vehicle feels comfortable and fun.

Preparation of Engine Oil and Radiator Liquid
If it has not been replaced for a long time, then it is time to bring to the workshop to change engine oil while asking the mechanic to check what needs to be repaired or replaced. Similarly, the radiator fluid. For modern cars, using water for radiators may be less precise in these days. This can make the radiator rusty. If it's been a long time there is a good indicator fluid replaced.

Electricity and Stereo
Turn left and right turn lights, Lights, and brake lights Check what all work normally. This is very important. because it gives a signal to the driver behind you to take action and responsive to your vehicle. For stereo parts, as we know music is an important thing to repel silence during a long trip.

Interior and Room Temperature Control
For those of you who plan outings with the little toddler it is better to provide a Car Seat in your four-wheeled vehicle. Car seat for a good toddler has been designed to make the toddler seat more comfortable and not hot. Keep in mind the car seat is designed in such a way, that makes adults sit for hours without bored, while the seat for toddlers foam thinner. So pay attention to the car seat to keep your baby comfort. Room temperature control also did not escape the attention. To check it, take it to the garage If the evaporator is dirty, clean it immediately so the trip does not feel torturous.

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