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The Lurking Disease during Year End Holidays

Lifestyle and Health  |  18 December 2017  |   703 Views

The Lurking Disease during Year End Holidays

Lifestyle and Health  |  18 December 2017 The Lurking Disease during Year End Holidays

It's going to be the end of the year off. Holiday time soon arrives, while on vacation people usually spend time on the trip that can make the immune decline. Use of public facilities and contact with many people is sure to happen. Many are not aware of using public facilities can be exposed to many germs that cause the body more susceptible to infectious diseases. The following four things are diseases that often arise during the holidays

1. Respiratory Disorders
When a person is away on vacation, respiratory distress is one of the most common diseases. Why can it happen? Usually respiratory disorders occur because of frequent contacts in many people, dust, and could also be due to cold weather.

2. Diarrhea
Often use public facilities during the holidays? Be careful because diarrhea diseases can be caused by the use of public facilities when we are engrossed in the holidays. Public toilets for example, water faucets, or grip on public transport. In addition, contaminated food and drink can also be another cause. If so, how the solution? As a solution, always bring hand sanitizers and careful attention to every meal you eat.

3. Diabetes
Many people ignore a healthy diet while on vacation and eat typical food of all vacation spots. The danger is for people with diabetes to have elevated blood sugar. If it happens constantly this is definitely worrying. Diabetes is usually susceptible to complications of dangerous diseases.

4. Heart Attack and Stress
During the holidays, people tend to consume what is there regardless of whether the food is healthy or not. The number of people who want to take a vacation also makes the possibility to be hit by traffic jams or even delayed public transportation schedule. This can unwittingly trigger stress and heart attacks.