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7 Reasons Do Not Consider Risk Health Insurance

Lifestyle and Health  |  13 December 2017  |   774 Views

7 Reasons Do Not Consider Risk Health Insurance

Lifestyle and Health  |  13 December 2017 7 Reasons Do Not Consider Risk Health Insurance

In everyone, there is a risk of contracting a deadly disease. As recently as the late Bondan Winarno alias pak maknyus and the deadly virus of diphtheria for example. Although treatment is increasingly sophisticated, it is usually followed by high prices because it is comparable to the facilities. Opportunities for recovery are as large as opportunities to go bankrupt. To minimize the risk and lack of funds, health insurance answers. The following 7 reasons are the answers to why today are required to have health insurance.

1. Don't consider complicated health insurance. Today there are cashless systems. Only need to bring a special card issued by the insurance company. No need to call for a claim to an insurance company, nor do you need to bring cash to pay for down-payment. Stay in the friction and all maintenance costs are paid.

2. Are you women who are interested in building a family? Definitely need insurance protection. The average maternal mortality increases due to lifestyle or food. This can be concluded if protection against the risk of childbirth is very necessary.

3. Currently Indonesian women are vulnerable to critical illness; such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, stroke, and heart problems. The fact is that every day there are 40 Indonesian women affected by cervical cancer. The government also intervened through Ministerial Regulation Number 7 of 2013 concerning National Health Service Insurance, placing cervical cancer as the third disease after type two diabetes mellitus and hypertension to get insurance.

5. Do not feel loss if you have paid a premium but did not make a claim at all. There are certain insurance products that provide premium returns in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.

6. Your hobbies eat or aka culinary travel? If yes, it is mandatory for you to equip yourself with health insurance. Not maintaining this food intake is a lifestyle that is very susceptible to disease.

7. In this Smartphone era, life is made easier. It's easy to compare health insurance for example, now that the facility is available you can compare insurance online. Starting from premiums to be paid, services that you can receive, to other additional benefits obtained, with just one click you can know all about insurance.