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Insurance Claim Unlikely Rejected, If ..

General  |  28 November 2017  |   769 Views

Insurance Claim Unlikely Rejected, If ..

General  |  28 November 2017 Insurance Claim Unlikely Rejected, If ..

The main purpose of insurance to provide guarantee protection of its customers. For example When an accident and need help, that's when the insurance company performs its function. Insurance can prevent you and your family from economic hardship. But not infrequently insurance companies refuse to pay insurance claims filed. Things like this are often heard, so not a few people who become antipathy with the insurance company. Here are the most common reasons used by insurance companies to refuse your insurance claims

Applicable Laws Are Not Being Violated
If when the insured coverage of the insured object is in breach of law, the insurance company will refuse the claim. In auto insurance for example, if an accident while driving the car against the current road. This is certainly not guaranteed by the insurance company, because it is an accident that occurred when doing unlawful acts in force.

An intent
The most avoided by insurance companies is something like this. Life Insurance, for example, suicidal actions will certainly not be guaranteed and get compensation from the insurance, suicide is not included in the category of accidents and is considered as injuring or eliminating lives by intent

Complete Document Always Preferred
Many are reluctant to complete the necessary documents, this is often the case because customers want to claim the proposed insurance premium is processed quickly. Actually if the documents are complete, then the claims will be processed and resolved by the insurance. Documents required by the insurer have been described in general, the insurance user can see the documents that need to be completed in the procedure of claiming both car insurance claims and other insurance claims.

But the above does not need to worry about. In insurance claims are received immediately after being paid. has an online-based service system supported by online payment system by all banks in Indonesia as well as credit card payment service. Thus automatically sends E-policy to email address that has been registered and policy coverage directly apply.