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One Perfuming Enough For Your Car

Otomotif  |  14 November 2017  |   589 Views

One Perfuming Enough For Your Car

Otomotif  |  14 November 2017 One Perfuming Enough For Your Car

Fragrances that should be comfortable just cause stinging smells. Could be because car owners choose car fragrances just for the trend, but not according to taste. How to choose the right car fragrances? If you are still confused choosing car fragrances, you can see tips on choosing fragrances of this car.

1. Choose Fresh or Scented Therapy with a Scented Therapy

Usually, car fragrances are widely used is a fresh fragrance or scented therapy. Car scented car scents, such as green tea, lavender, lemon, and jasmine. As for the fresh-scented, like the aroma of mountains, beaches, or tropical forests.

2. When choosing a Car Perfume type, adjust to your taste
Car fragrances consist of two types, namely liquid and solid. Dense fragrances, you can not put it near the air conditioner, because gradually it turns into a musty smell. In contrast, a liquid fragrance should be placed in a car dashboard near the air conditioner

3. One Perfuming Enhancer
Once you choose the right fragrance for your car, you must be efficient in using it. In a sense, a fragrance is enough for your car. You do not need to use two or three fragrances. Also, do not forget to open the car window for about five minutes before and after you use your car. This method can also avoid the smell of musty in the car.

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