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Master This Four Things, So Tau Easy Ride Matic Car

Otomotif  |  14 November 2017  |   963 Views

Master This Four Things, So Tau Easy Ride Matic Car

Otomotif  |  14 November 2017 Master This Four Things, So Tau Easy Ride Matic Car

Driving a matic car is easy as long as practicing constantly and master the transmission lever with both. The difference when driving a very basic manual car is only in the clutch and the driver is not required to shift gears because the teeth will move automatically. That's why driving a matic car looks easier when compared to driving a manual car.

Some things can not be changed. One of them is the necessity to replace the transmission lever. There are some tips on driving a matic car for beginners who are worthy to be put into practice. and some tips below can make it easier for beginners in driving a matic car

1. Sequence of Transmission Lever Replacement
Before driving a car matic is mandatory to memorize the transmission lever. Already an international standard, the position of the transmission lever arranged following the format P-R-N-D-3-2-L. This is to avoid mistakes in replacing the transmission lever, it must be understood until the outside of the head.

2. Get used to Free Left Foot from Pedal Clutch
There are only two pedals on the matic car, the brake pedal and the gas pedal. the risk that may occur in the beginner is a mistake to hit the brake when the car rpm up. It's good we remember and get used to the left foot to be free from the clutch pedal.

3. Do not Forget Brakes Every Time Will Replace Transmission
Purpose The rider should get used to stepping on the brakes each time it will replace the transmission is so that when you change the transmission the car will not run by itself.

4. Continuous Exercise Riding a Matic Car to Get Familiar
Regular exercise is very important to do In order to be able to ride a car matic well. One of them when climbing position. You should move the transmission at position L or 2. In addition, when the way down also transmission should be positioned this because its function is useful as engine brake.

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