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Why Buy Insurance Should Be Through Insurance Brokers?

Gilang  |  General  |  05 October 2017  |   8582 Views

Why Buy Insurance Should Be Through Insurance Brokers?

General  |  05 October 2017 Why Buy Insurance Should Be Through Insurance Brokers?

Insurance brokers are formed to help insurance customers to get their rights in full to insurance companies where customers have insurance policies.


  • Based on article 1 paragraph 11 of Act Number 40 of 2014 concerning Insurance "Insurance Brokerage Business is a business of consulting and / or intermediary services in insurance or sharia insurance coverage as well as handling settlement of claims by acting for and on behalf of policyholders, insured or participants. With the Broker who accompanies the insured in closing insurance, the insured will get a good insurance product, according to the needs provided by the insurance company of the best choice. is an e-commerce portal managed by PT.Artha Bina Bhayangkara which is an Insurance Brokerage Company that is filled by experienced insurance practitioners and has obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


  • Insurance policy is an insurance agreement between the insured and the insurer in this case the insurance company. The policy is prepared and made by an insurance company so that it is known as an unilaterally arranged agreement made as a standard product and marketed directly to the prospective insured. The insured candidate is a society that is relatively ordinary towards the contents of the insurance policy which consists of various articles of requirements and exceptions. Sometimes insurance company marketing officers are focused on how to succeed in getting buyers of their products and not providing in-depth explanations of what are the rights and obligations of the prospective insured. Insurance transactions often end with the rejection of uncomfortable claims for the insured and the insured also just realizes the number of articles and conditions of the policy that he does not understand which results in the rejection of claims that must be accepted by force. We can assume unilateral transactions as unbalanced transactions.
  • Insurance brokers such as consist of insurance practitioners who have more than 20 years experience, have expertise and knowledge in various aspects of insurance. With this expertise, Insurance Brokers can negotiate with insurance companies regarding the articles and terms that will be applied in the insurance policy. So that the insurance policy that is the agreement between the insurer and the insured can be adjusted to the needs and interests of the insured. With the negotiation of the articles and conditions of the policy, the insurance transaction becomes balanced. With assistance from Insurance Brokers, disputes and denial of claims can be avoided.


  • An insurance company is a limited liability company or PT, which is seeking maximum profit. Claims are the main component that reduces the profits of insurance companies, realizing that this is certainly the concept of insurance companies to obtain maximum profits will be supported by pressing the number of payment claims to the Insured. With this concept of thought, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to implement complicated claim settlement processes with not a few claim documents, this is done to reduce and even avoid payment. This is where we are present as Insurance Brokers who will provide assistance and solutions to the Insured so that complex settlement of claims can be resolved easily and quickly.


  • Insurance policies have many articles, terms and conditions that are long, confusing and limit the scope of the insurance policy. The language used is the language of insurance law that is not easily understood by ordinary people. The font size used is relatively small, making the insured reluctant to read it. So that many policyholders do not pay attention to the contents of the policy provided by the insurance company. is an Insurance Broker who understands the contents of an insurance policy. It is very easy for to explain to the insured the extent of the guarantee, the terms and conditions of the policy using lay language which is easily understood by the insured. Therefore the role of Insurance Brokers (insurance brokers) is very important to bridge between the Insured and the Insurance Company and help to complete the process of claims submitted by the Insured.
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