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Things to Look For Before Buying a Car

Otomotif  |  28 December 2018  |   948 Views

Things to Look For Before Buying a Car

Otomotif  |  28 December 2018 Things to Look For Before Buying a Car


Kind of car

Before buying a car, you must know first, what type of car you want, for example; MPV, SUV, Hatchback, or sedan. Choose a car according to your budget and needs, do not let the DP later get the installments stuck

If you want to find a car that can accommodate many passengers, then choose a large SUV or MVP that can accommodate 7 people. Or if it is still lacking, you can also choose a medium-sized bus or a travel car, not bad if you don't use it, you can still do business again.

Select Brand

Currently there are many car brands offered in the market so that it will make it easier, and make it difficult for you to choose because you will be confused with the temptations of cheap DP and the sexy SPG SPG that they use to disrupt your concentration in choosing a car.

In the selection of car brands, it should be considered properly and carefully regarding after service, namely with how much free service, for paying it is easy but still free, it is delicious. How easy it is to get the spare parts and whether for the KW item is a lot (not bad if it's more service in the old date). Some of these things that we can consider in choosing the car brand. Remember, don't be tempted by SPG.


Place of Purchase

The important thing you need to know before buying a car is where to buy first, whether buying a new or used car. Don't let you buy a car in a motorbike showroom or at a material shop. With the right place to buy, the items you will buy will be cars, not motorbikes or carts. And remember to read the review first and see the rating that has been a recommended seller yet. Don't let you be deceived by DP but the car isn't in the queue - anther. Especially to buy a new car, there are already many official stores from big brands, making it easier for you to buy a car. Or you can also go to a car exhibition event, usually car sellers will give special discounts on exhibitions, and most importantly your eyes will be spoiled with a choice of many cars from various brands and also those beautiful sexy SPG SPG.

Test Drive

Test Drive also needs to be done before you buy a car, this is to feel firsthand whether the car is comfortable to drive and whether the vehicle is enough to take you with your family and friends. With a test drive you will know the performance of the car itself whether good or not, try to use every part of the car, and remember this is just a Test Drive so don't forget to return it. Do not forget yourself Test Drive until home.



Insurance is important for now. Not only humans, but skills such as cars also need insurance. Having insurance will be useful to guarantee damage to the car. Not only for total damage, car insurance also provides services for minor damage to the car.

Therefore, before buying a car it would be nice to question whether the car is guaranteed with insurance or not. So that when doing service damage will be easier.


What you can't miss to observe is the issue of payment. Moreover, if you want to pay on credit, it must be clarified regarding installments for how many months and the amount of interest charged.

Choose the amount of Tenor that suits your finances. Do not let you only be able to pay DP and just a few months then the car is pulled, so that the installments are as easy as possible so that your car credit does not interfere with your existence.

Do not be fooled by paying a small DP and beautiful sexy SPG, because it could be that the interest that must be paid is greater than expected.