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Prevent Floods When High Rainfall Season

Griya  |  17 February 2018  |   3145 Views

Prevent Floods When High Rainfall Season

Griya  |  17 February 2018 Prevent Floods When High Rainfall Season

From the beginning of the year to the second month of 2018 rainfall in some regions of Indonesia is still high and has the potential for inundation. Floods may still cross as a scourge and a threat in your mind. Plus for those who live in large cities that are densely populated such as Bandung, Surakarta, Semarang, Makassar, Pontianak, Balikpapan, Bandung, Medan and Jakarta. But not to worry, some of the following ways you can do to anticipate flooding or at least reduce so as not to enter the house.

Importance of Emergency Kit
Prepare an emergency kit that can be in the form of a battery-powered radio, flashlight, drinking water and dry food,

Communication with family
Plan to ensure communication and family stay connected when together or not with family

Consider Home Insurance
If in a flood-prone area it would not hurt you to consider equipping your favorite home with home insurance that covers natural disasters such as floods.

Infiltration wells are very useful
Surface water that does not seep into the soil can be one of the causes of flooding. For surface water to seep easily, you can make infiltration wells in the environment around your home.

Bad soil
Which land do you live in lower than the road surface? To reduce water flow or prevent flooding you can dug the soil around the house. However, consider the floor level of your house.

House Floors Can Be Elevated As An Effort To Avoid Floods
Before raising the floor of the house, look at things like the height of the ceiling and the outer and inner spaces of the house. What needs to be remembered is raising the floor of the house is one of the choices with greater costs and effort.

If your residence is included in a flood-prone area, flood insurance for property and homes can be an option. Many benefits are very profitable. as an online insurance portal in Indonesia provides property insurance products that have guaranteed property insurance and the best premium for any type of property. Be it a house, office, apartment or place of business.