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General Insurance as a Risk Management Balancer

General  |  09 February 2018  |   1543 Views

General Insurance as a Risk Management Balancer

General  |  09 February 2018 General Insurance as a Risk Management Balancer

Paying insurance premiums only adds to the financial burden, roughly like that thought that still exists in most people in Indonesia. Opinions like that are not true. Because paying routine insurance premiums can prevent insurance participants from the risks that befall them.

Everything like disaster or risk cannot be guessed. What is more irritating is not infrequently affecting our planned finances and sometimes messing things up

For this reason, having insurance is very important and has a strong foundation to have. Simply put, losses due to disaster or risk are not borne alone

General insurance basically as an effort to prevent the risk of loss, loss of benefits arising from all events that cannot be guessed. The nature of this general insurance is short term, approximately only a year. Unlike life insurance because it relates to death or the life of someone's long-term nature.

Aside from being a guarantor and protection media, insurance offers a variety of benefits that are useful to reduce the risks that occur.

Basically, what is received at maturity is a collection of insurance premium savings plus interest. In terms of business insurance is not an investment product, so don't be surprised if the interest offered is not as much as the deposit or savings interest.

One example of various types of general insurance is car insurance and motorcycle insurance. To protect the risk of natural disasters, fire, damage and accidents. With insurance, your car is protected from risks including lost vehicles and small collisions.

Choose car and motorcycle insurance products with insurance premiums in accordance with the desired protection benefits. On the insurance site online You can compare general types of car insurance from a trusted insurance company for motor and car insurance.

Do not let the unexpected overwrite and disrupt planned family finances already. The decision to insure depends on various plans that you and your family have. Get usability for you and your family while following insurance.