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Banyuwangi Red Island Tourist Attraction, World Class Surf Spot

Rosasiva  |  Pariwisata  |  30 May 2023  |   3264 Views

Banyuwangi Red Island Tourist Attraction, World Class Surf Spot

Pariwisata  |  30 May 2023 Banyuwangi Red Island Tourist Attraction, World Class Surf Spot

This beach does not only present beautiful natural scenery and a number of exciting activities to fill free time and also vacation with family. There are many reasons why Friends should visit the beaches of the Red Island, to fill their vacation time together in June 2023 as follows:

1. Beautiful Beach
The first time you set foot on this tour, Friends were amazed at the unique charm of this tourist spot. This is because this beautiful beach is complemented by the Red Island hill. Plus visiting when the sea water is receding, Friends of can walk directly to the Red Island hill to see a panoramic view of the natural charm from near the Red hill.

The view of the stretch of sand reaches three kilometers which looks even more perfect with the evening sky. The clean, white sand with a soft texture makes playing in the sand on the beach a pleasure. friends must bring their families to visit this location during the holidays.
The position of the beach is sloping, making the visitors enjoy relaxing time calmer. The beach has lots of umbrellas and chairs lined up to pamper its visitors.

Visitors to this beach are also served delicious snacks that are appetizing. Many hawker traders are always ready to accompany visitors to the Red Beach while relaxing.

2. Enjoying the Sunset
Pulau Merah Beach is the best place in Banyuwangi to see the sunset or sunset. The sunset is reddish-orange and beautiful, combined with beautiful beach panoramas. Tourists from all corners of the country are eyeing the afternoon when visiting Red Island. Of course this is to enjoy a beautiful sunset on a beach chair.

3. Surfing
Red Island beach waves are the target of foreign and local tourists for surfing. Even though there is Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi with G-Land as its destination. As a connoisseur of surfing on Pulau Merah Beach. Visitors can spend time surfing fun with the waves around the beach.

If Friends visit at the right time, the beach waves will bring the surfing experience to a more extraordinary level. The best waves for this water tourism location can be as high as five meters. This beach includes waters with not too many rocks. Surfers can channel their surfing hobby safely with family or friends. Pulau Merah Beach has been crowned as a surfing arena for international level competitions!

4. Fishing
Fishing is an exciting water sport activity on Pulau Merah, however use of dangerous equipment is not permitted. Friends of can catch many kinds of fish on the beach all the way to the middle of the sea. friends can rent fishing boats if they are interested in fishing in the middle of the sea. Prepare your own fishing equipment before going to Pulau Merah Beach in Banyuwangi, because there are no rental fishing equipment available here.

5. Witnessing Traditional Ceremonies
The Hindu community living in the tourist area of ??Pulau Merah often holds the Melasti Ceremony. Not far from the location of the Red Temple Beach there is the Segara Temple. Until now the temple is still active as a place of worship for the local community, mainly Hindus.

Religious ceremonies or Hindu celebrations such as the Melasti or the Mekiyis Ceremony can be found around the beach if you are lucky. The existence of the Segara Temple on the Red Island of Banyuwangi is one of the tourist attractions, because it is a similar location to a beach in Bali.

6. Culinary at Pulau Merah Beach
Another activity that can be carried out by Friends at this tourist spot is to eat delicious culinary delights typical of Pulau Merah Beach. The beach area is guaranteed to feel hungry and will not be ignored by its visitors. Red Island Beach Tourism offers many Banyuwangi specialties, namely Rujak Soto, Bakso, Rawon, and other culinary delights.

Traveling on a Boat
Surrounding the beach by boat can certainly be an unforgettable experience. Visitors to Pulau Merah Beach can try other interesting activities such as exploring the corners of Pulau Merah Banyuwangi by boat. This activity is very fun when on vacation with a group or family. friends can chat with local fishermen and haggle over rental prices for boat rides. Then, choose which fisherman has the cheapest price. Each boat can be boarded by up to ten visitors.

Details of Vacation Costs to Red Island Beach
Red Island tourist attractions are affordable tourist destinations in Banyuwangi. Visitors can use the facilities at a cost of no more than one hundred thousand rupiah, here are the details:
Ticket fare to the beach – IDR 8,000
Where to Stay – From IDR 100,000
Beach Chair – IDR 25,000
Surfing Rental – IDR 50,000
Four Wheel Vehicle Parking – IDR 5,000
Two Wheeled Vehicle Parking – IDR 2,000 hopes that by knowing the list of ticket prices, Friends of can prepare travel expenses to Red Island Beach. We recommend that you provide more money so that the vacation goes smoothly without any problems. Set the time when traveling to Pulau Merah so you can visit other tours in Banyuwangi, such as Alas Purwo and Ijen Blue Fire Crater.

In order to make the trip more safe and enjoyable, there's nothing wrong with completing holiday insurance for joint leave events in June 2023. It's safe and comfortable with travel insurance from as a traveling companion.

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