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4 Alternative Tourist Places in Bandung

Pariwisata  |  26 January 2018  |   852 Views

4 Alternative Tourist Places in Bandung

Pariwisata  |  26 January 2018 4 Alternative Tourist Places in Bandung

Friday has arrived, it's time to plan a vacation to get rid of fatigue with daily activities. Tourist attractions in West Java seem endless. The capital of West Java is Bandung, for example, which is famous for its historical tourism and shopping. If you want to take a vacation to Bandung or West Java, there is no need to worry because in addition to the city center this area has many beautiful natural attractions and is fun to take pictures and visit. And most importantly, these tourist objects do not reach too much like the next place.

1. Ranca Upas Tourism Area
Tourist attractions often called Cai Ranca Upas are campsites that can be your holiday destination. Beautiful natural scenery can be enjoyed while swimming with family or couples in the heated swimming pool. Ranca Upas is still in the Ciwidey Region. You can also feel various games provided here.

2. Kampung Daun.
Tourist attractions in the Lembang Region are crowded because they are known as culinary tourist destinations. Delicious food is not only offered by this place, but beautiful natural scenery is also a cultural tour which is a pity to miss.

3. Elephant Village.
Famous for its fun water rides. In this thrifty tourist area in Bandung there are also artificial beaches for those of you who feel swimming on the beach. What needs to be known is the high area like Bandung does not have a beach.

4. Floating Market Lembang.
The last one in the Lembang Tourism Area is a floating market tour that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. In this thrifty vacation spot, you can buy various foods and drinks while you feel the cool, beautiful scenery while taking pictures as your Instagram material.

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