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Family Room Decoration With Limited Funds
08 March 2018

Minimal budget is often a challenge to decorate as you wish. These are tips that you can follow to decorate / refine space with limited funds ...

Prevent Floods When High Rainfall Season
17 February 2018

From the beginning of the year to the second month of 2018 rainfall in some regions of Indonesia is still high and has the potential for inundation. The flood may still be ...

Security and Convenience of Owning Cluster Housing Property Insurance
09 February 2018

Houses become one of the basic needs in human life. Many want to have a home with a comfortable environment in a residential complex or cluster. In a big city ...

Protecting Assets with Company Property Insurance
08 February 2018

Company property insurance is a type of insurance that offers many benefits but the demand is still minimal. Large living costs are a major factor in people's interest ...

Comparison of Home Insurance Premium and Coverage
08 December 2017

Home insurance premiums are determined by the high and low risk of a home. Houses near gas stations or airports, for example, premiums are usually higher than houses...