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02 November 2018

FLEXAS stands for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Impact & Smoke. FLEXAS this is the package that you can ...

Households fit for a minimalism
25 April 2018

Arranging a Minimalist House, especially the selection of stairs is to take advantage of the low level of slope of a minimalist home. In addition to low house slope, you can take advantage o...

Prepare Office Home Insurance to Protect Valuable Assets
02 April 2018

Home Office Insurance which is part of Property Online Insurance from provides a guarantee for your home office including the contents of the office house that is registered ...

The Right Color Choice To Expand Your Home Space
02 April 2018

Classic colors such as pastels or white are still used as the best option for painting small spaces. Not only that, the lis and the walls in the room with the same color can be a waste ...

Advantages of Property All Risks Insurance for Offices and Commercial Offices
27 March 2018

Property Insurance can be a comprehensive safeguard for the office of your place of business and shophouse. Property all risk insurance protects the building along with the contents of the eq...