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Mandatory Reports Car Insurance Over Credit
10 November 2017

By way of credit to buy a car, it usually includes insurance. So that the loss of the vehicle or damage can be borne by the insurance company...

Knee bolster Technology, Simple For Rider Safety
10 November 2017

What is a Knee bolster? taken from Bolster, this word has the meaning of the word guling to sleep, but indeed this technology uses a kind of soft material such as bolsters to improve safety...

Rainy Season Arrives, Watch The Next 3 Things While Driving
09 November 2017

Since it's raining a lot now, we need careful preparation to drive. Both of ourselves and the aspect of the vehicle used. We look at everything ...

Advantages Of Insuring Your Car
17 November 2016

There are many benefits that you can get by having insurance, whether it's life, health, car, home, or any other type of insurance. Unfortunately, even though it's already a lot...

Five guarantees in motor vehicle insurance
16 November 2016

five guarantees in motor vehicle insurance (Motor Car): ...