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Third Party Liability, Guaranteed Driving For All Who Are Involved In Accidents
08 January 2018

Safety driving on the road is not just for yourself, but for other road users as well. Simple understanding of insurance benefits ...

Authorized Workshop Makes Car Price Higher
29 November 2017

Want the resale price of your car to stay good? Keep the condition of the car still excellent is an absolute requirement. Make sure to take care of the car in the right way. Take care of the...

Car Insurance Covering Natural Disasters
17 November 2017

Currently many insurance companies offer insurance coverage that is so seductive. The insurance company analyzes a lot of disasters occurring especially on a car vehicle ...

This is the Explanation of HID LED and Halogen Lamps
16 November 2017

The rainy season is coming soon, prepare your vehicle lights before sliding on the road. Basically there are three types of lights for vehicles in Indonesia, namely, HID, LED and Halogen. In accorda...

3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Sunroof
16 November 2017

Sunroof is a feature above the cabin of the car that is used as a regulator of air circulation, as well as regulating lighting. tempered glass or plate is usually the basis of Sunroof. Now ...