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Avoid Engaging In Motorcycle Ganges, Nothing Luckily
06 March 2018

The news about the brutality of motorcycle gangs began to spread in Jakarta. The midnight attack in the Kemang area is truly an unfortunate event. For information, insurance ...

Used Car Insurance, Why Not?
06 March 2018

Buy a used car, don't forget the insurance. For the best used car insurance in Although used, we still have to maintain various possibilities and protect your used car from ...

The choice of a raincoat that is safe and comfortable for motorists
04 March 2018

The rainy season does not discourage motorists from traveling with this mode of transportation. The raincoat is a complete wajb for motorbike riders. For overall protection ...

Choose the right helmet to be safe and comfortable on the go
01 March 2018

A helmet is a head protector and is a very crucial thing for motorcyclists. Usually helmets have a variety of sizes. Adjust the helmet to the size of your head. Don't be too narrow and ...

Rainy season? Safe Search Riding a Motorcycle
01 March 2018

At the beginning of March 2018, rain often flushed all day in many areas in Indonesia. As one of the favorite modes, motorists must pay attention to ...