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Welcome New Year With a Comfortable and Fun Vacation

Pariwisata  |  11 December 2017  |   566 Views

Welcome New Year With a Comfortable and Fun Vacation

Pariwisata  |  11 December 2017 Welcome New Year With a Comfortable and Fun Vacation

The end of the year has arrived, usually will be the moment awaited by those who live in Indonesia. This long holiday is often used to travel both domestically and abroad.

Behind the beauty of the holiday please always keep in mind the potential risk of experiencing an undesirable event and of course can not be avoided. So it is better to follow travel insurance provided by the insurance. For those who prefer a holiday in the country better join yourself with domestic travel insurance for individuals.

Travel insurance products of this type are usually more affordable and provide a number of benefits such as death or medical expenses due to accident. Domestic travel insurance products usually only protect individual traveler or individual. So this type of insurance can not be processed for group or corporate tours.

For the cheapest premium individual travel insurance is usually the cheapest under Rp 50000. This type of premium is very cheap, and customers can apply for insurance premiums are also made easier by the technology today. No less important is domestic travel insurance usually provides protection for the contents of homes left behind by fire. So in addition to buying travel insurance there are several insurance companies that provide residential insurance packages as well.

Choose an insurance company that has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This is to facilitate customers to make purchases with various payment methods including credit cards, bank transfers, virtual accounts, to internet banking.

To maximize the quality of travel, you need to be covered by reliable travel insurance. Do not let unexpected things interfere with the planned fun ahead of time.

At we will help you get the best insurance and premium coverage that suits your needs in a very easy and fast way without you having to face to face with an insurance agent. This quick and easy process is not only when the policy is registered but also during the claim process we will help the guard to completion.