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Insurance benefits

Gilang  |  General  |  17 November 2016  |   4414 Views

Insurance benefits

General  |  17 November 2016 Insurance benefits

Life is full of risks, no one can escape the risk, no matter how far we run, risk will persist. Even newborns are born with risk, but we can control the consequences of the risks arising to third parties. Here are the insurance benefits that exist today.

Education Fund

The cost of education now is relatively cheap even you do not need to bother to menyadangkan funds for school fees until your child graduated from junior high school, but the fact that there are other costs that arise in the world of education is also not small, in addition to uniform, extracurricular and Including your child in additional learning activities also requires a lot of money if accumulated within a year. With the cost of this cheap education, not infrequently facilities and teaching received will be the standard course, If you want to get better school quality, then we as parents will also try to send our children to good schools and achievers. At the time of this writing, the average entrance fee for top schools and achievers in Jakarta is Rp. 4.000.000, - for elementary school, Rp. 8,000,000, - for junior / senior high school and Rp. 10,000,000 for S1 degree. With insurance you can educate your education fund and get life and health protection during the period, which will not affect the cash value you will receive.

Pension fund

I have compared the cash value earned between insurance and pension funds received by employees of the company. I did a survey and also contributed to my pension calculation where I worked. By comparison between employees with salary per

month of 35 million rupiah and insurance customers who set aside only 500 thousand per month. For 20 years, employees have been able to apply for early retirement, the value is only 400 million rupiah, while for the same time frame the insurance customers have been able to enjoy the cash value of (average) 500 million rupiah. You do not have to wait so you reach 35 million rupiah to get that cash value.

Financial management

With insurance, indirectly you have been conditioned to make investments and manage your finances for the better. Without the need to have your own financial manager, you will get a free financial planning facility, you do not need to make the investment you need to monitor and manage every day. Insurance also secures the risk of loss of your investment with good management of the insurance company.

Income Protection

Insurance also has a rider or additional benefits that can be combined at once with a premium. Protection is not only limited to the replacement of claims filed but also protect your income, if you are not working anymore as a result of the disaster that befall you. With this income protection, you will still be able to benefit from the cash value until there are risks such as death or total permanent disability or policy closure.

Protection of the Soul

It is important to prepare your family's future well-being by providing a sense of security and comfort when you have passed away. A good legacy is a fund that can be used by an heir at least to get on with life. Many families are unthinkable to make a good and proper investment that can be used to be used by abandoned families. Insurance is one solution that can be used for the problem.

Health Protection.

Ill come without excuse, we do not know when ill will come different if we go on vacation, we can decide when to go and go home, when we check-in and check-out from the hotel. As for check-in and check-out from the hospital we can not determine. Health insurance with a guarantee of cash value and health financing allowance can reduce and even eliminate the consequences that arise. With the current high cost of treatment, more health protection is needed to ease the cost of family treatment until healed. Just like other risks, not infrequently the disadvantaged losses can cause bankruptcy by mortgaging assets, using business capital or borrowing money from the loan shark to cover all the medical expenses.

Work Accident Protection

The consequences of work accidents can also cause harm to yourself or the family especially if post work accident, there is a loss to the physical condition that causes us can not work anymore or work perfectly. Especially if we work in places that have high risks such as in field sales, aviation, mining, or electrical installations.

This benefit will be very beneficial if we have experienced it, there is no word loss by setting aside funds for insurance purposes because we will still get protection as long as the policy is still running.


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