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Unique Culinary Tour in Lembang Floating Boat

Pariwisata  |  02 February 2018  |   730 Views

Unique Culinary Tour in Lembang Floating Boat

Pariwisata  |  02 February 2018 Unique Culinary Tour in Lembang Floating Boat

When planning for a weekend getaway in Bandung, Floating Market is a highly recommended tourist spot. Opened at nine in the morning, this tourist spot spoils its visitors with beauty, the air is still cool and the atmosphere of Bandung is unique.

Although it does not have a natural sea or lake, this West Java capital has many artificial lakes. Lembang's Floating Market for example. Lake Situ Umar, whose name is here, you can satisfy your hunger by going to a fun place after enjoying the beautiful Floating Market Lembang. Lots of food that you can taste in this floating market. Forget your diet plan because of the temptation of too many scents here.

Just mention the typical culinary capital of West Java such as tofu meatballs, siomay, brain-brain, or processed from singkok tape, spicy seblak with appetizing aromas, and other snacks that can be bought at a price that doesn't cost too much.

But if you plan to enjoy a heavy meal, with an average of 35,000 you can enjoy a variety of choices from approximately 46 boats neatly lined up offering a variety of culinary delights. Fish saung is the right destination for seafood type connoisseurs, here you can enjoy processed fish complete with tempeh, tofu and tea. Satay is also available and can be enjoyed while enjoying a very beautiful evening. Not to forget, you can exchange entry tickets with warm lemon tea, choco latte and coffee latte drinks.

Spending time at Lembang's Floating Market is not only culinary. Other facilities of Floating Market Lembang are very diverse for visitors to try from morning till night at eight o'clock. Don't let go of time, without playing with rides for all ages. Some of the facilities here that can be tried include water bikes, water trains and miniature train parks.

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