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Holiday Save and Close in Bogor

Pariwisata  |  02 February 2018  |   4320 Views

Holiday Save and Close in Bogor

Pariwisata  |  02 February 2018 Holiday Save and Close in Bogor

Because of near, cheap and easy reasons, Bogor is still a favorite holiday destination for Jakarta residents. Along with the development of tourism in West Java, especially Bogor, many tourism objects have sprung up. Then what are the attractions that make the city of Bogor more popular. The following discussion can help

1) Enjoy Mount Geulis by relaxing in the Rest Area
Not only is the resting place now the rest area on the toll road has developed into a place to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere of travel. Gunung Geulis Rest Area, located in Sukaraja Subdistrict, Bogor, offers a beautiful Rainy City atmosphere.
While enjoying the breeze and scenery, also enjoy food and drinks that are very affordable by the bag. If the vehicle is from the direction of Jakarta, from the door of the South Sentul Toll you can take the direction to Bojong Koneng Village. Once there, you can reach Rainbow Hill and not far from there, Gunung Geulis Rest Area is located. 

2) Enjoying Nature on Lake Situ Gede
The lake surrounded by forest has an area of ??6 hectares. Recreation place for those who love fishing, take a walk in lush forests and take a boat to the middle of the lake. For those of you who are looking for closeness to nature and the tranquility of this place it is perfect. In addition, there are also many deer that can be observed near the Lake Situ Gede forest. After 6 tiring working days and the hustle and bustle of the super busy capital, Danau Situ Gede offers medicine to relieve the tension.

3) Hot Water Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Warm-Up Tired Release
If you visit Bogor, you must visit the Ciseeng Hot Springs. Tirta Sanita Ciseeng, located in Parung, Bogor, is believed to contain many elements of minerals, such as lime, salt and sulfur, which are said to have the effect of dealing with aches, rheumatism and skin problems.
There is also a unique view of the limestone hill because it stands up to meet the backdrop of a bathing landscape. It is from this limestone hill that natural hot springs are emitted. Enjoying the beautiful scenery and hot baths would be nice.

4) Warso Farm
Connoisseurs of dragon fruit and durian must come to Warso Farm. Often called Kebun Durian and Naga Warso Fruit this tourist place is located in Cihideung Village, Bogor. At Warso Farm, the durian prices such as monthong, for example, will be calculated per kilo and for local durian per price.

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