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Pertamax on a motorbike, okay?

Otomotif  |  26 April 2018  |   552 Views

Pertamax on a motorbike, okay?

Otomotif  |  26 April 2018 Pertamax on a motorbike, okay?

As one of the popular means of transportation, motorbikes are widely used by the public. With the development of online-based motorcycle taxi transportation facilities, motorbikes are now not just private vehicles but also as a mode of public transportation. Increasing community needs, making automotive manufacturers issue various types of motorcycles to meet the needs of their customers.

The process of motorcycle maintenance is to maintain its condition so that it does not experience technical obstacles. Doing motorcycle maintenance must be adjusted to the type of motorbike. Caring for a motorbike is certainly different from caring for a manual motorbike. Vehicle owners should entrust an official workshop if they don't understand about motorcycle engines.

Motorcycle fuel has two types in the present, Pertamax and Premium. Pertamax as the most chosen fuel also has side effects. Some side effects of Pertamax-fueled motors are as described below

More perfect combustion
In the Pertamax type of fuel the combustion process is more perfect and does not cause the motor to lack energy, this is because the combustion produced is better than Premium type fuel.

Good engine performance
Motorized Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology is perfect when using Pertamax. The combustion process of a motorbike fueled by Pertamax produces good power so that the motor performance can be better than before.

With conditions in Indonesia that are congested with traffic, accidents often occur. It would be a wise choice when buying motorbike insurance. Set aside a little of your income, of course you have nothing to lose. Moreover, cheap insurance premiums for your motorbike are available at No need to wait until something undesirable happens, which requires paying more if you have motorcycle insurance for you.